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Energizer AAA Metal LED Penlight, Energizer PLED23AEH flashlight with 2 AAA Energizer Max Batteries

Case Quantity: 6

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Energizer® AAA Metal LED Penlight, Energizer® PLED23AEH flashlight with 2 AAA Energizer® Max® Batteries

The Energizer® PLED23AEH AAA Metal LED Penlight is handy to use almost anywhere. A push button switch offers one handed operation and the sturdy clip helps keep the PLED23AEH close at hand. It’s super bright lifetime LED provides strong light in an easy to use format. In addition, the light offers a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

Key Features:

• Bright White LED

• Durable steel pocket clip

• Secure clip holds fast to pocket, briefcase or tool bag

• Push button tail switch

• Durable machined aluminum case

• Aluminum body minimizes damage from dropping and abuse

• Packed with 2 AAA Energizer® Max® Batteries

Light Output: 6 Lumens

Color: Silver

Size: L: 5.72 W: .66

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