Some Words About Us

Year after year, Batteries Inc. continues to keep customers satisfied because of a few simple reasons: First, Batteries Inc. has wonderful, thoughtful and dependable employees to keep the business running at a very high level. Second, the quality of the products sold is industry leading. Lastly, Batteries Inc. customers continue to trust us for the most competitive pricing, on-time delivery and accuracy.

What we really do

Batteries Inc. in a nutshell is a distibutor of all types of batteries including lithium, alkaline, SLA, and battery assembly.   Our product brands include Duracell, Duracell ProCell, Power-Sonic, OmniCel, Murata, Rayovac, Garrity and more.   We also stock all of the keyless entry and door lock battery pack types.   Orders placed by 2PM EST are typically shipped same day   Our goal simply is  high quality products with fast and accurate shipping and with ultra friendly, knowlegeable and efficient customer service.

Our Vision

Batteries Inc. is committed to offering customers the highest quality product, the best pricing, and unparalled customer service.   We know and understand customers have many choices on where to buy batteries.   We strive to be a face and a voice behind the business and website and welcome all!

What can we do for you?

Batteries Inc. provides top rate customer service around the clock. Anytime you need us, we’re here for you waiting to fulfill all your battery needs.

At Batteries Inc. we pride ourselves in providing quality products to our customers. If you are dissatisfied, our customer service representatives are available day and night to help give you the best product for your needs.

Batteries Inc. delivers your product to you faster. We typically ship the same day so your product arrives at your doorstep as soon as possible.

You are our main concern at Batteries Inc. We aim to please and provide you with the best customer experience possible. Stemming from our roots as a homegrown business, we know the value that customers bring which is why we place you at the center of everything we do.

50 years of satisfied customers, the proof is in the pudding.

History of the Company

Beginning out of our home  basement in 1970, Charlie Hall Sr. quickly grew Batteries Inc.. into a well sought after distributor of batteries.   Sr. retired in 1993 and Charlie Jr. and Steve took over.   A lot has changed since 1970 with Jr. moving Batteries Inc. to Bluffton, SC in 2018.   We closed  our Maryland warehouse for the warmer climate and small town hospitality of Bluffton.   Today (2021) Charlie Jr. has been joined by his youngest sons Drew and Patrick (identical twins).   Drew and Patrick will be leading us into the next generation with vision, passion, and a very strong work ethic!

Contact Us!

Batteries Inc.
36 Persimmon St. #301
Bluffton, SC 29910