Omnicel ER14250 3.6 Volt 1/2AA High Energy Lithium Battery

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The Omnicel ER14250 is the equivalent to the SAFT ER14250 and can be used to replace it. The Omnicel ER14250 is actually 40% less expensive and exceeds the expectations of the SAFT ER14250. This Omnicel battery will provide a stable amount of energy to your devices to ensure a longer lasting charge.

The Omnicel ER14250 is a half AA battery with 3.6 volts. This lithium battery is highly used in alarm systems. Other applications include smoke alarms, flashlights, carbon monoxide detectors and electric wheel chairs.

This battery contains lithium thionyl chloride, which has higher density than most lithium batteries. This battery will last three times longer than Alkaline batteries. It also has a shelf life of 10 years.

When it comes to a lithium battery to rely on for your security devices, there is no need to look further. The Omnicel half battery is a great choice for reliability and the most out of a battery.

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