Omnicel 9 Volt Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery CR9V-FP

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The CR9V from Omnicel is equivalent to the SAFT LS9V. Exceeding the expectations of the LS9V, the CR9V is a lot less cheaper as well. We sell these batteries for almost half the price of a SAFT battery. These batteries are designed to provide a stable amount of power to your device for longer lasting batteries.

Omnicel offers a highly reliable lithium 9 volt battery. The CR9V-J is a lithium battery commonly used for OEM applications, medical devices and security systems. Omnicel 9 volt batteries can also be used in various music and audio devices.

This is a lithium thionyl chloride battery, which is three times as powerful as a regular Alkaline battery. For security devices, the lithium thionyl chloride battery performs five times as powerful as using an Alkaline battery.

The secret behind Omnicel’s battery line is that the batteries provide a stable amount of power to each device to perform as a reliable and long-lasting battery. If you are looking for a 9v lithium battery, look no further!

Due to FAA regulations, this battery is available to ship UPS Ground ONLY.

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