529/EN529 6 Volt Energizer Alkaline Lantern Spring Top Battery

Case Quantity: 6
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The Energizer 529 6 Volt batteries are more than just your average alkaline batteries. These Energizer Max Zing-Manganese Dioxide batteries deliver long-lasting power to power some of your most important devices. With a shelf life of 5 years, the Energizer 529 6 Volt batteries provide power when you need it the most.

Energizer are the makers of the world’s first zero mercury alkaline battery. While most batteries have begun to follow the mercury-free trend, Energizer was the first to introduce the new and improved alkaline battery.

With many options to choose from because alkaline batteries make up 80% of the created batteries in the US, make sure you go with the brand that you can count on. Energizer will always be there for you in your security systems, flashlights, wireless audio equipment, smoke detectors, medical devices, radios, and other moderate to low-drain devices.

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