ER32L100 Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCI2) 3.6V Battery


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(typical values for cells stored for one year or less, at 25ºC)

■ Nominal capacity 1.70Ah

(at 1.0 mA, +25ºC, 2.0V cut off. The capacity restored by the

cell varies according to current drain, temperature and cut off voltage.)

■ Rated voltage 3.6 V

■ Maximum recommended continuous current 10 mA

(to get 50% of the nominal capacity at +25ºC with 2.0V

cut off. Higher currents possible. Consult Omnicel.)

■ Pulse capability: varies according to pulse characteristics (frequency

and duration), temperature, cell history (storage conditions prior to

usage) and the application’s acceptable minimum voltage.

■ Maximum pulse current capability 50 mA

Rated 1 sec. pulse capability (to 3V) 20 mA

■ Storage (recommended) 30ºC max

(possible without leakage) -55º / +120ºC

■ Operating temperature range -55º / +85ºC

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