Omnicel ER34615HD/S 3.6 Volt D High Energy Lithium Battery

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The ER34615HD/S is equivalent to the SAFT LS14500 and can be used to replace it. The ER34615 is 40% cheaper and actually meets or exceeds the specifications of the SAFT LS14500. This battery is optimal for using stable energy to power your devices, which makes the ER34615 more reliable.

The Omnicel ER34615HD/S lithium battery is commonly used for flashlights, automotive devices and much more. These 3.6 volt lithium batteries are guaranteed to outlast most lithium D batteries on the market.

Omnicel lithium D batteries come in a stainless steel container to provide high and stable operating voltage. When it comes to finding a 3.6 volt lithium battery that are reliable for emergencies, these high energy batteries are what you’re looking for.

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