Omnicel ER14505/S 3.6 Volt AA High Energy Lithium Battery

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The ER14505 is also an equivalent to the SAFT LS14500. The ER14505 can be used as a replacement for the LS14500 as well. Why buy the ER14505? Omnicel batteries are a lot less cheaper and meet or exceed the expectations of SAFT batteries. Get a better value and more for your money with the ER14505 from Omnicel.

Omnicel carries a high-standard 3.6 v AA lithium battery for reliability and durability. These AA lithium batteries are commonly used for wireless alarm units. The power of this lithium battery is over three times more powerful than a regular Alkaline battery.

Believe it or not, these AA lithium batteries are used in various military applications and defense units.

When it comes to security and safety products, the Omnicel 3.6 v AA lithium battery is highly recommended for stable power supply.

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