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Energizer A76BPZ 1.5 Volt Alkaline 1 per card


Chemical System: Manganese Dioxide (MnO2
Designation: ANSI/NEDA 1166A, IEC-LR44
Nominal Voltage: 1.5 Volts
Typical Capacity: 175 mAh* (to 0.9 volts)
Capacity Test: 6.8K ohm continuous drain at 21°C (70°F)
Typical Weight: 1.85 grams (0.07 oz.)
Typical Volume: 0.57 cubic centimeters (0.035 cubic inch)
Impedance (40 Hz): 5 to 15 ohms
Max Bulge: This battery will bulge as it is discharged,
but will not exceed the maximum height
shown on the battery drawing.
0% 40% 80%
21°C (70°F) 1.55V 1.33V 1.20V
Important Notice
This data sheet contains typical information specific to products manufactured at the time of its publication.
Contents herein do not constitute a warranty and are for reference only.
Hours to 0.9V: 915 Hours to 0.9V: 915
(as percent of capacity)
Typical Performance at 21°C (70°F) Typical Performance at 21°C (70°F)
Load: 6.8K ohms – Continuous Load: 6.8K ohms – Continuous
Typical Drain @ 1.30V: 0.191 mA Typical Drain @ 1.30V: 0.191 mA
Industry Standard Dimensions
mm (inches)
* Varies according to the applied load, temperature, and cutoff voltage

UPC 39800110909
Dimensions 8.9CM H 0.65CM L 4.45CM W
Volume 0.028 CDM
Weight 3.629 G
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